Bernard L. Moss (England)

Bernard Leslie Moss of Kent UK, born 1942, has for the last 40 years been doing extensive research on Squared Rectangles & Squares and has even written a 460 page book on the subject (not published). Until recently he had found about 60 SPSS Solutions (not listed on the Internet). Bernard has been using a method he calls "SWITCH-LINK", which is a transformation of an existing SPSS (or two SPSSs), into a new one. There are many such methods, called transform techniques, which were quite popular in the 1940s, through to the 1990s. Transform techniques were the main method used to create new squared squares for many decades until the development of computer technology allowed complete orders of squared squares to be enumerated by amateurs and researchers. Bernard is using computer hardware and spreadsheet software to turbo charge the search for new SPSSs using transform techniques.

In 2018 Bernard Moss found 21,097 SPSS's from orders 48 to 116 by transforming many of Brian Trial's 2014 Solutions into new SPSS using a method he called "SWITCH-LINK".

In 2020 Bernard Moss found over 58,000 SPSS's from orders 38 to 85 (and a few to order 112) including many smallest known, by a method he calls "TWO-LINK", by using pairs of SPSSs found (almost exclusively) by Jim Williams in 2013 & 2014. He is continuing the TWO-LINK method to eventually produce over two million SPSSs.

Bernard has authored a book, which contains many his ideas, methods and discoveries in squared squatres and squared rectangles. Bernard's' fascination in this subject began by reading Martin Gardner's "More Mathematical Puzzles and Diversions".

Bernard Moss at Hastings Beach

Bernard Moss at Hastings Beach, with a group who walked from London. Bernard is fourth from the left (kneeling).