SPSSs Order 60;

In 1967 Geoffrey Morley found the first 4 SPSSs of order 60; 616457A, 1770961A, 3082285A and 5629849A.

In 1999 Ian Gambini found 2 SPSSs of order 60; 1097A and 1192A.

In 2014 Brian Trial found 5082 order 60 SPSSs.

In 2018 Bernard Moss found 1015 order 60 SPSSs using a transform applied to Brian Trial's discoveries.

In 2019, 2020 Bernard Moss found thousands more SPSSs in order 60, some quite small, including the 9 smallest found so far; 874A, 903, 910A, 924A, 926, 945A, 978, 998A, 999A.

There are 29288 known SPSSs of Order 60. Files provided are;

o60-874A-BLM.png o60-903-BLM.png o60-910A-BLM.png o60-924A-BLM.png o60-926-BLM.png o60-945A-BLM.png o60-978-BLM.png o60-998A-BLM.png o60-999A-BLM.png o60-1097A-I_G.png o60-1192A-I_G.png o60-2647A-B_T.png o60-616457A-GHM.png o60-1770961A-GHM.png o60-3082285A-GHM.png o60-5629849A-GHM.png