SPSSs Order 48;

The first discoveries in this order were made by Ian Gambini in 1999. Using his packing program he found two small SPSS; 48 621A and 48 980A.

In 2014 Brian Trial found over two thousand order 48 SPSSs using a new method to make SPSSs in higher orders.

In 2015 Geoffrey Morley announced 8 large order 48 SPSSs.

In 2018 Bernard Moss found 491 order 48 SPSSs using his transforms, acting on Brian Trial's 2014 discoveries.

In 2020 Bernard Moss found a small order 48 SPSS with a side of 632 and 7 other new SPSS.

There are 3437 known SPSSs of Order 48. Files provided as;

o48-621-IG o48-632-BLM o48-980-IG o48-1793-BT o48-1881-BLM-BT o48-156010-GHM