Order 29 SPSSs

Order 29 Simple Perfect Squared Squares (SPSSs) were partially enumerated by Ed Pegg Jr and Stuart Anderson in late 2010. In 2011 Stephen Johnson and Stuart Anderson together completed the order. Jasper Skinner had previously enumerated several thousand SPSSs of this order. There are 7901 SPSSs in total in order 29.

There have been some recent corrections. Changes to the website and OEIS have been made.

The Simple Imperfect Squared Squares SISSs, have also been completely enumerated up to Order 29. All corrected Order 29 SPSSs are featured in the menus at left. In addition there is the following media ;

Order 29 SPSS (7901); pdf, 11.5 MB

Order 29 SPSS (7901); postscript, 2.4 MB

Order 29 SPSS (7901); bouwkampcode, 1 MB

Order 29 SPSS (7901); tablecode & discoverer, 1.3 MB